Are You Familiar With Six Sigma Green Belt?

Are you familiar with Six Sigma Green Belt? Well if not we have a great introduction for you. Six Sigma Green Belt training will quickly put you into a very active role in the Six Sigma team.  Green Belts are those certified within the Six Sigma teams that are not required to assume leadership positions.

The overview of Leap University Six Sigma Green Belt course focuses on providing students with an understanding of the various Six Sigma tools and techniques useful to improve the production process and minimize defects in the end product with a greater focus on the practical implementation of these tool and techniques in the organization.

Are you asking yourself. “Is it difficult to obtain a Green Belt certification in Six Sigma?” Are you wondering where does one find classes on the Six Sigma Methodology? If these questions are on your mind, you probably want to also know, how hard is Green Belt certification?

Certification Exam Format

Multiple Choice

90 questions per exam

One mark awarded for every right answer

No negative marks for wrong answers

120 minutes duration

Proctored online exam

Audience Profile

This course is highly recommended for employees and organizations requiring a standardized approach to problem solving for the purpose of continuous improvement in Quality Management.

When you apply for the Six Sigma Green Belt certification, you get access to a free online course.  If you are looking for classroom training before certification, please refer to Training section to find a Registered Education Provider in your area like Leap University.

Those familiar with the Six Sigma Methodology know that through phases like DMAIC, or define, measure, analyze, improve, and control, the methodology ensures 3.4 defects per million opportunities. That means more streamlined projects that produce quality outcomes.

Whether you want to improve your resume or want to learn the methodology to expand your career choices, learning it on your own may not be enough. Green Belt certifications are recognized all over the globe and completing a training program, whether online or onsite, is essential if the Six Sigma practice is your ultimate goal. What color belt are you trying foir?

With Leap University you will have the opportunity to combine the tools and techniques obtained through all the courses in different specializations. Use certifications to advance your career. Your new education can give you a leg up on your competition either in a freelance or on as a gem on your resume.

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