Greg Zehring

Greg Zehring

Faculty Member, Leap University

Greg Zehring – Referral Marketing

Greg Zehring is President of Wrap IT Up Consulting, a referral marketing company. He had previously spent 43 plus years in manufacturing and sales.

During the past 18 years he has assisted over 850 clients by matching their dial tone, Internet and long distance services to their business model.  He reduced cost and increased efficiencies adding huge ROI value to his client’s bottom line. Multisite and multistate clients are his specialty, but no deal is too small.

Greg had 28 years of manufacturing management experience in Indiana before changing careers. His experience includes product management, marketing, planning, forecasting production and business cost analysis. He holds a Certificate of Management from Indiana University and an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. Greg has been married 41 years and has 3 grown daughters and 7 grandchildren.

He is an elder in his church, actively supports 501 (c) 3 groups, Arizona Veterinarian Medical Association, Arizona Dental Association and is an upstanding member of the Better Business Bureau.  He has been recognized by Arizona Excellence Group and BNI for his contribution in mentoring, and training others in the skill of referral marketing.  He is a past Graduate Assistant of Dale Carnegie and The Referral Institute of Arizona.

Greg lives in Maricopa, and followed his heart to live in beautiful Arizona.  Greg and his wife Linda have two twin daughters with three grandchildren living in Arizona and one daughter living in Indiana with their other four grandchildren.

Perspective on Referral Marketing

My name is Greg Zehring. I grew up in Mishawaka Indiana, a town of about 48,000 people.  It was a great experience for me. Coming out of Elementary School into Junior High, I delivered the Mishawaka Times newspapers in my neighborhood.  I went door to door to my customers trying to secure more customers. I asked if they would introduce me to their next door neighbors.  I did not know that was working for referrals at a young age.

In High School I started a real job.  I bought my first car with money I saved.  Now I needed referral help. I found myself using people my folks had worked with.  I went to the same bank; I used the same insurance guy; I went to the same hardware store, the same doctor and dentist!  I was using the credibility factor.  If they took care of my folks, why wouldn’t they take care of me?

Through my 64 years I have seen Referral Marketing, when done right, make people some serious money.  Not only money, but establish themselves as credible in their field of expertise.  So many people miss this valuable asset in their tool belt because they do not understand how it works.

This is why I launched Workshops designed using the principles of Referral Marketing.  I teach you how to add value so you are referable.  People refer people they like, know and trust.  I teach skills needed to work one on one with people you already know.  I teach how to work a room looking for the right people you are looking for.  I even teach you how to train your referral partners and customers to not only trust you, but understand how to introduce you for more amazing results.

My workshops will help you drill down and see how you can be better at giving and receiving referrals quickly with time proven methods. If you want to know more and learn more, come to my workshop.  I guarantee you will walk out with a bunch of tools for your tool belt making you a better referral partner.

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