We Can Help Earn Your Six Sigma Belts

Several sophisticated methods for managing projects have been developed through decades of thought and practice by professional project managers. You can benefit from this collected wisdom by studying the various methods to find the style that suits your business and your project. Once you develop your project management skills, you can adapt to any task and effectively manage the team working on a project.

Six Sigma

The Six Sigma method works well for projects that you can precisely measure. The idea is to look for any deviations from absolute perfection and address the causes of those deviations. To do this, you define, measure, analyze, improve and control the project throughout its development and implementation so you achieve exactly the results you want with little variation. For example, a project to build a software system that detects nonbusiness uses of employee computers could benefit from the Six Sigma approach. Absolute perfection would be detecting each personal use of business computers. You would test and refine the system so there are no more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

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